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University of Qom

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Research Office:

-The Office for Scientific and Industrial Relations
This office is responsible for (1) managing academic trips and sabbaticals for the faculty members and (2) carrying out research programs inside and outside the University. Established in 1384/2005, the Office has a considerable role in relating to the external centers and, thus, presenting the research potentials of the University.

The University of Qom has five libraries with relevant facilities:
Central Library in the men’s section with 52,350 volumes in Farsi and Arabic, 5,900 volumes in European languages, and 390 periodicals.
Kowthar Library in the women’s section with more than 33,160 volumes in Farsi and Arabic, 4,312 books in European languages, and 290 periodicals.
The library of the Tarbiat-Modarres Center with over 11,000 volumes in the relevant areas.
The libraries of the Faculty of the Sciences and the Faculty of Law with specialized books in the respective areas.
In these libraries, online and offline databases such as Fehrestegan, Shiraz Regional Library of Sciences and Technology, Elsevier, Questia, Oxford, etc. are available. The libraries are accessible via:
-Publication Center: Since its establishment, the University of Qom Press has published 80 volumes in the areas of law, accounting, literature, philosophy, theology, etc.

-Quarterly: The first official quarterly of the University of Qom entitled Pajheshhaye ‘Olume Insani (Researches in Humanities) was published first in the year 1378/1999. After the publication of four issues, the Quarterly changed its name to Pajuheshhaye Falsafi va Kalami (Philosophical and Theological Researches) in 1379/2000. After the change of the title by the Minsitry of Higher Education, 30 issues have been published.
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